Facebook Marketing : Trade Secrets Ad Agencies Don't Want You To Know


Why are ad agencies charging so much for Facebook ads? What are their techniques? Which software do they use when doing marketing on Facebook? How do they serve effective ads on Facebook? And how do they do effective Facebook marketing that actually brings returns?

For the first time, we are going to reveal what ad agencies do behind their Facebook campaigns.

And by understanding their techniques to marketing on Facebook, you never have to hire an ad agency anymore to do Facebook marketing for your business.

You will be equipped with the know-how to do successful Facebook marketing that gives you a positive ROI on your business.

If you stumble across this page, chances are you are a Facebook user.

To date, there are 1.79 billion active Facebook users around the world (according to results by https://www.statista.com/). Your target customer is probably on Facebook so that makes it near necessary for you to market on Facebook.

However, many people have complained that advertising on Facebook is a waste of effort and money. Many businesses owners have tried out Facebook Marketing, and ended up wasting money instead of selling their product & services.

So what is the real problem?

Well, the truth is this. Many people are blindly using Facebook advertisements. They spend a certain budget, click the "Boost Post" button on their posts, and expect results.

Sorry to break it down to you, but if you do that, you will not bring any tangible results no matter how much money you spend.

Why are we running this workshop?

Let me be honest with you. We have been there before. Just a few years back. We nearly gave up on Facebook Marketing because of the low to non-existent results it brought. We wasted money near thousands which did not bring us any results we expected.

But through time, we figured out a strategic plan to make it work and have been using it to drive traffic, gain engagement, collect leads and ultimately, increase conversions for our business and our clients' business. Since then, we have been handling Facebook Marketing for clients such as Honda Boon Siew, Pacific West and some other notable companies.

We understand that small business & startup do not have a corporate’s budget to pay ad agencies. That’s why we are running this workshop.

After gaining insights, it is time to share this knowledge with you.

We will share all our trade secrets in driving traffic to your page and growing your potential customer base with Facebook Marketing. We will share the tips and techniques we use that help our clients get the marketing results they desire. We will also share our strategic step-by-step plan to target the correct audience and how to create ads that people cannot help but click.

What will you get from the workshop?

1. The Fundamentals of Facebook Marketing.

First of all, this workshop will guide you through the basics of Facebook Marketing. If you are a newbie in advertising on Facebook, this workshop is just right for you. You will learn more about how Facebook Businesses work, what are the essentials you need before you create your ads, how to make sure you are abiding the rules of Facebook, and all things related to Facebook Marketing.

2. Target the right audience/persona.

You will learn the steps to target your ads towards the right people that will gain the best engagement. No more "Boost Post". We will go into the specifics of targeting your potential customers and bring the highest value to your Facebook Ads.

3. Secrets to Facebook ads that works.

If you always wondered what kind of Facebook ads will make your potential clients click on, this is essential for you. You will learn how to create visuals that are attractive towards your target audience, optimize your headlines and copy that will lure people to click on, and also the rules of Facebook Ads that will help guarantee your ads get fully optimized.

You will also learn a very effective trick many successful companies use, that is, retargeting your audience. This way, they will be given another chance to consider buying your product or services.

4. How to set up effective ads.

We want you to get your hands dirty. In this workshop, you will kick start your very own ads according to what you have learned. This way, you are able to power through with your own Facebook Marketing strategy and refer back to us if you meet any doubts or difficulties. We will also provide you with all the tips and tricks to make the best out of your ads.

5. How to monitor and further optimize your ads for 10X ROI.

Many people think that their Facebook Marketing ends once they published their ads and they sit there and hope for the best results. That will not work. In this workshop, we take you a step further in learning how to monitor your published ads, adjust it accordingly to bring the best results. You will also learn how to analyze your ads and crunch the numbers to understand how effective your ads are working.

This workshop is for you, if :

  1. You are a business owner and want to learn how to use Facebook Marketing.
  2. You are interested in learning how Facebook Ads work.
  3. You want to gain better engagement and conversions via Facebook Marketing.
  4. You have tried Facebook Marketing previously but it did not bring you the results you wanted.
  5. You want to create a better brand awareness of your company through Facebook.
  6. You want to take the initiative to learn more about Facebook Marketing and is willing to work on it.

This workshop is NOT for you, if :

  1. You want fast results without willing to spend time on creating effective Facebook Ads.
  2. You think your target audience cannot be found on Facebook (however, do drop us a message to enquire because you never know if that is the case).
  3. You are not willing to spend some money to bring results (Facebook Marketing does require some slight investment to bring results).

About Us :

Cat Insights is a creative Digital Marketing Agency that helps businesses achieve their marketing goals. We are passionate about different marketing strategies and are not afraid to experiment with fresh and unique approaches to bring the best results for our clients. We help many clients handle their Facebook Marketing and helped them gain tangible results and achieve business growth.

About the Trainer :

Reuben is a music producer turned digital marketer. Besides being the marketing strategist for our clients, he also runs a few businesses himself and understands the business owner's perspective better. He has been giving many workshops on digital marketing to share his knowledge and strive to teach students so they can go out and realize their own marketing goals.

Tue Nov 29, 2016
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM MYT
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@CAT Training Room
Standard SOLD OUT RM50.00
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@CAT, Level 3 of Wisma Yeap C, hor Ee, Penang16 Pengkalan Weld, Gat Lebuh Cina, di atas Lot 230, Seksyen 23, 10300, George Town, D.T.L, Penang Malaysia